Friday, April 15, 2005

Now I've Gone and Done it

So I posted my blog address on my profile of my high school alum page*. Am I insane? Am I setting myself up for incessant judgings and ridicule that could otherwise have been avoided? I mean, yeah, there are My Peeps from high school - and themz knowzez whos theyz are, and Iz stillz loves ya - but do I want to open myself up to a pool of the unknown KNOWNS? I'll let you know if I crack and decide that I can't take the stress of knowing they're all just still sitting around in a puddle of green and white pom-poms, eating their dry cauliflower and snickering at my stupidity. They may never have been this bad, but my I-showed-up-naked-at-high-school-and-was-forced-to-audition-for-the-cheerleading-squad-and-sweat-through-a-series-of-poorly-executed-toe-touches-in-front-of-the-entire-student-body nightmares say otherwise.

*Run by "a local". Hachie alum, if you're out there and interested, email me and I'll give you the site

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