Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I managed to thigh-rub a sizeable hole into the upper leg / lower crotch of my favorite jeans

Luckily, I noticed it before too many others did (I think).

Unluckily, I now must go jean shopping. I hate jean shopping. And it is always very unlikely that your new jeans will be anywhere near worthy of the old favorites that are down for the count. It seems to take me two or three pairs of moderately satisfactory jeans to find The Ones.

And there are no good outlet stores around here, which means I will probably be paying full price for the first test pair. Poor wounded wallet.

And to top it off, I forgot that I had a "package" sent to my parents house (since I'll hold temporary residence there for the next three months) and when I spoke to my dad this morning, I told him, "no, I don't know anyone in Las Vegas". Suspicion got the better of me so I am really the only one to blame for asking my dad to open my newly delivered birth control.


Addendum: apparently, he thought it was actually "medication" (see comments)


Karo said...

Wow. I am really trying to envision how that conversation went. He he he.

Missy said...

Something along the lines of him saying, it looks like some sort of medication ... little packets. And me all ... hmmmm ... OHHHH ... YEAH ... GOT IT. I think I did order medicine, yeah, thanks. Bye Dad. Happy Birthday Dad.
(it was actually his birthday. guess he's not gettin' any grandbabies for his birthday!)

mom said...

What is it worth to you to know what your dad thought?

Missy said...


Or I'm returning your mother's day gift.

mom said...

Gotch ya! You already sent it to me.

Missy said...

It can be taken away from you.

Evil people lose things.

Susie the Bear said...

That's the nice thing about taking B.C. for acne. Both parental units can be fully aware of it so you never have to worry about them discovering your stash. They just never know if it's serving more than one purpose. And I too mourn the loss of your jeans. My last Golden Pair died about two years ago, and I am still looking for their successor.