Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Kittens and the ER

Sadly, Professor McGonagall hasn't been doing well since we picked her up from her not-so-home-away-from-home where she stayed whilst Dr. J and I went to Dallas for Christmas. Last night she was pretty immobile, had a fever and was in a lot of pain, so at about 7:30 we called it, and off we went to the 24 hour vet.

Two x-rays and some prodding later, we didn't know much and opted out of doing additional blood work since the x-rays fully absorbed our Christmas moneys. We left with about two weeks worth of antibiotics and pain killers for her. I was less nervous giving her meds than I've ever been with a cat, because she is so good and I'm usually able to get the pills down. The cats. Not down me.

Presumptuous. I think she actually laid awake all night plotting.

I think the drop went down. After a half dozen efforts with the pill, it had turned into a slimy mush and was all over her mouth/nose/face. She spent a full 10 minutes afterwards producing thick drool that draped from either side of her mouth, protestesting that we can't actually make her take medication that she doesn't want to take. When I got home today there were still bubbly ringlets sprinkled on the floor throughout the kitchen. I can only imagine how long the sputtering continued.

She is supposed to not participate in physical activity for a week per doctors orders. Specifically, no jumping on furniture - I assume this also includes no heavy lifting on her part. Are there actually people out there that know how to accomodate this request? I picked her up off the bed this morning and sat her on the ground when she woke up. She turned around and looked at me like ...what just happened??? Worse still, I hardly even knew how to explain it to her.