Thursday, April 21, 2005

I feel bad because I shouldn't have been rude to her even if she is a crack addict

Every now and then, I make small ... ahem ... teeeeeensey advances in the planning of the wedding. Yesterday, I decided it was time to do call and get prices for getting hair done*.

A friend gave me a recommendation for a place in Hachie, let's call it F-, and ask for K-. I was most definitely unprepared for K-'s personality, especially in a town where people speak at the pace of a casette player with an aging battery. I mentioned to K- that I was getting married in July and trying to do some price research on stylists for the Day Of. Oh, and actually, I am badly in need of a haircut right now. I get about one-third of the way through this sentence when K- pummels me with her autobiography, complete with where she was schooled and by whom and why her prices are as outrageous as they are and how justified she is in making them so and how the city should be thrilled that she bless them with her talents when she could be working anywhere in the world. Since I never got to the part where I actually asked her a question the first time, I finally interjected with the, so how much do you charge for an updo? if i were to bring in, say seven people in the span of two and a half hours, would you give me a reduced rate?

Ladies and gentlemen, I kid you not. Her response:

"Doctors don't reduce the rates they charge to their patients just because there are more of them"

Now, I'm not sure what choice you would make in this situation, but I have to admit I was floored with her arrogance. I mean, I'm the first to admit that saving roots is right on par with saving lives, I just hadn't really put it into words so eloquently before.

My response:

"waaaa ha ha ha AHAHAHAAHA".

Needless to say, we probably don't have a healthy enough of a relationship to make this work in the end. And so the research continues.

* Boys, you may find this premature, but this will be a morning of a least a quintet of "updos". These things must be planned - that and I'm about to be out of the country for dos meses.

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I feel so was my recommendation...:)