Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Missing

If I didn't mention it before, when I moved all my things to South Carolina about a month ago, the moving company managed to lose one box. This comes across as more than just a little suspicious to me. Losing one box seems so much less likely than losing 10 boxes, or losing all of the boxes. However, Dr. J and I are most happy to have the other 52 boxes and just have the one missing.

The problem is that we can't seem to figure out which box is missing. The company kept a numerical tally of all the items (i.e., numbers 130 - 182 or so were recorded as "boxes") and one of those numbers didn't surface at the move in date, thus, the Missing Box. Every time I think of something that could have been in The Box, I jump on the horn with Dr. J and declare that, alas!, I've finally figured it out, but he has been able to locate all of the possible missings within a couple of days. (Yes, Dr. J is slooowwwwwly getting all the boxes unpacked) We are both starting to think that there is nothing missing whatsoever, which would be fantastic! Not only would we not be missing anything, we can never really be sure, and will hence have a fallguy for many future problems.

Allow me to explain.

A year into our future there comes a day that Dr. J simply can not find that cable that allows you to download pictures from the digital camera ... I certainly did not accidently leave it at the lab over the weekend allowing it to be stolen, it must have been in The Box. Same with the Special Edition Spiderman DVD that Dr. J carelessly lent to a friend without requiring him to leave behind a government issued form of identification, it was in The Box.

Something tells me that if you have ever given Dr. J or I a gift that was .... ahem, less than worthy ... that was probably in The Box as well.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Dr. J should ask me because I know who you are and saw what you did!

Laura said...

I wish I had "The Box" - there a number of things that Dave won't let go of that I wish would disappear....we are about to move...hmmmm.

Missy said...

Boxes are very convenient. I condone the use of lost Boxes, no matter how honestly they came into being...