Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Friendly Reminder

To those of you who have been putting off your taxes: You have 8 days to postmark.

Get. On. It.
(to no one in particular)

My refund coincidently showed up on the day that I found the cutest little sundress. Happily, there is still probably enough left to justify the jean shopping that will commence this weekend.

Speaking of things that are this weekend, remember that half-marathon I was training for? That would be this Sunday. Things I have learned throughout this process are 1) I get sick too easily to battle 20 degree weather 2) I fall off the wagon like a watermelon off a 20-story balcony. This little debacle has been nothing short of catastrophic ending with my pneumonia and cracked rib, and severe shin splints and a hip injury for my running partner. She has consented to run the marathon relay with three of our other friends and I conned a friend into walking the 13 miles with me (the rib still does not permit the running). I paid the entry fee, I might as well cross the finish line and get all the goodies that come with. However, the "walk" begins at SIX A.M. I can only imagine that this is the penalty for my laziness.



Susie the Bear said...

I like how we both wrote about the same thing, but neither of us mentioned the fact that we both got shown up by a 50-year-old man who is going to run the whole stupid 13.1 miles all by himself.

Missy said...

Yeah. Thanks for that. Suzie.