Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All this fresh material and no one to tell

So I was returning from lunch with a few coworkers today when the oddest thing happened. I notice one of my coworkers not paying attention to a THING that my other coworker was saying - this was not unusual - but the head jerking and face making was. As I'm about to have to ask coworker #1 to repeat herself because coworker #2 is being so incredibly distracting, I say to coworker #1 "what are you ... " and that's when I was struck with the inability to close my mouth or to utter a word as I stood there. staring at a young lad who had decided to sunbathe in all his pastey-whiteness wearing only a pair of khaki's (what else) on the concrete loading dock behind our building. He looked to be cushioned by the meager remains of a well-worn hand towel.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I know I said this is probably over, and it probably is, but this is great

This is for all my friends who, like me, will be able to visualize all of this in its original format.

Evolution of dance.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good news, Bad news

I have attempted to blog once since May 9th, but blogger was being a putz so it didn't do much good. Sadly, this long delay in communication probably marks the end of my blogging days. Since last we spoke, my parents were in town for two weeks, I ran a 3-day workshop, I've been to Charleston SC, Savannah GA, and Chicago IL, and tomorrow I leave for Atlanta. To my friends in San Diego awaiting my arrival in a couple weeks, yes, this is why you haven't heard ANYTHING from me. None of this appears to be slowing down anytime soon so, farewell blog friends. I hope from time to time to update, maybe once the Fall gets here I'll have more time than I think.