Friday, April 29, 2005

Down with the World Wide Web

More than likely, postings will slow down for the next week - Mom and Dad had a falling out with AOL in the late twentieth century and refuse to partake in the information superhighway from home any longer. Apparently, it was so emotionally damaging to my father, that the mere mention of internet at home drives him into a full on rage that can only be consoled with an evening of heart healthy Pop Secret and Miss Congeniality, Collector's Edition (he has a small crush on Ms. Bullock).

Although this has nothing to do with the reason for my parents e-boycott, I like to think back to the day that mom phoned me in college, distraught with little bro yet again (my going away to college left my very juvenile brother home alone with two people he had never been forced to maintain a conversation with before ... he most definitely embodied the tall, silent type). Yes, apparently bro managed to set the home page of the family computer on porn site, so every time the computer was turned on, it would spiral through an unending circle of pop-up pornographic advertisements. Mother lacked the deftness required to click these away before they completely overtook the computer and so went the battle of the treacherous computer porn, with mouse and keyboard as her godly weapons. Throughout town, cries could be heard pleading to the sweet Lord that they not be held accountable for their sins and lo! a swifter unplugging of the PC there never was.


Courtney said...

Your parents are aware of spyware, right? And that it takes over your computer as described? (as it did to ours and the suspicion fell on my poor husband, who had nothing to do with it!)

Missy said...

This little guy had everything to do with it. :-)

Hachie Gal said...

OK, now I know the real reason the email account died. This was never shared with me (LOL).