Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Newsworthy to some, Monumental to me

Lately, I've been the "one" that gets to rotate the public toilet paper dispenser to a fresh roll all over town.  I've been denied this privilege entire life.  

Now I'm ...

(You know I can't help myself)

On a roll. 

Top ten things I've grown to love since having babies

1.  Push up bras
2.  Push up bras
3.  Push up bras
4.  Push up bras
5.  Push up bras
6.  Push up bras
7.  Push up bras
8.  Push up bras
9.  Push up bras
10. Naptime

A wink to let you know I'm alive

We have had crazy madness at the house lately, I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged.  Sick babies is some craziness like I've never dreamed (because I'm not a masochist) and I'm glad we are through it.  
Today is my day off.  
I've had so many things go right today that I'm glowing like an idiot, without a care in the world and getting a pedicure while reading twilight (well, right now I'm blogging).  I got to have lunch with a friend that I never get to spend the time with that I wish I could.  Seconded by my impromptu shopping spree wherein I scored an amazing dress for $15 and a dressy top for $11 (sorry dr. J!)