Friday, April 01, 2005

Beat this.

If anyone needs me tonight I can be found swimming in a vat of flower-power brownies and bags of Doritos.

Today rocks. I overslept by about 40 minutes and managed to purchase my Friday Latte and still get to work on time. I suppose I should also be grateful that I didn't get a speeding ticket.

Oh, and! I spent the past two nights trying to thoroughly disinfect and repair wall boo-boos in my old apartment so I could get my deposit back. Yesterday, I show up to walk-through the place with the apartment manager and the moment we walk in the door I see two HUGE (1/2") nail holes (dr. j and I have a bit of a problem hanging things on the first try and it's the putting-in and taking-out that causes the large hole-age) that I completely forgot about. Immediately, I knew that would suck up my deposit (damn vultures), however, the manager proceeds to go open the oven door, refrigerator door, and toilet lid (I suppose I could have been storing something ghastly in any of those locations) and said, "looks great! c-ya!".

I really wish I could get those two nights back. I think they just wanted me to vacuum.

oh how times does fly!!!


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Susie the Bear said...

De-lurking! My latte is bigger than your JANKY one.