Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sometimes, I'm too smart for my own good

By Saturday of Thanksgiving break, I was starting to feel guilty that I hadn't even started grading all those lab reports that were due the day before Thanksgiving. By tonight, I felt really guilty about it. So at 8:15, I sat down to grade them ... and opened my bag ... and remembered that I left them at school on purpose knowing I wasn't going to grade them, so why carry them?

And for all of you that think it's harsh to have lab reports and tests on the day before a break ... well, you have a point. I just tell myself I'm preparing the leaders of tomorrow, but I'm probably just preparing more physics teachers.

2 weeks and 4 days of school until Winter Break and the annual 17-hour drive to Dallas!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I got the following things done:

1. I ate two chocolate chip cookies and drank two IBCs with sugar in one day. This is a pretty intense amount of sugar for me. ok fine, and I definitely ate a bunch of pringles. and some cashews...

2. I got caught up on Ugly Betty (5 episodes), The Office, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy

3. I prettified my blog. By comparison to the other things I did, this actually might have been worthwhile.

4. I watched a Christmas Movie on ABC Family / Lifetime (is there a difference when it comes to made for tV movies?) I can barely remember what it was about but I remember that I was so in suspense that I held in going to pee for a good 15 minutes in spite of the fact that we have a dvr and I could have paused it.

5. I read an entire book of the bible (a long one!). I wish I had time for that every day!

6. Cowboy Game (those are some seriously short shorts on the cheerleaders. I know they always have been but whoa, they just really got to me today, maybe it was the cookies)

7. Defeated another 3 levels of Batman Lego for Wii. All except for one evasive bat canister that me and the Wii are currently disagreeing over. I say I got it, Wii doesn't think so. It may win because it's a dictator and has total control, but it will never convince me.

8. A little smidgen of work done for my national boards. Boy am I going to regret that. All that nonsense and nada to show for boards.

9. I washed my hair (I got so little done that this seems very significant) ... I haven't straightened it yet so this process is hardly complete.

10. I finally got some overdue baby gifts bought online and shipped. I found this one super cute thing that I'd love to put here but one of the recipients tends to read this blog, so I'll keep it to myself (but it's a giraffe teether!!)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

You might hear a lot from me this weekend

I just called Ashley to find out what the weather is like and to have her describe her every movement. She's supposed to call me if the weather changes. I'm trying to be a good couch potato and I was looking forward to it all week long. I'm just not one to sit for so long. I think I'm gonna go hit the wii here in a bit, now that I've got my blog all pretty, and pass some mindless hours finding the rest of the bat canisters on Batman Lego (which totally rocks by the way).

I will leave you with this photo, because the Professor is totally cracking me up today. Last week, I got a pair of boots and decided we should keep the giant box because Christmas is right around the corner. Prof M LOVES herself a good box to sit in, so every chance she gets she looks like this ... sitting upright ... in the box.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Layout

A perk of lounging ... I need to be distracted or I'll go nuts! I've always hated the look of this thing so I'm working on making a few changes. The first few changes truly were just a mere click of a button but now I've got a photo frame sitting atop my subtitle. Since I know I'm not the only one that doesn't speak html, there must be an easier solution here but for the time being I'm just gonna wait until Dr. J gets home to do a little diagnostics.

I did however find some easy to add buttons that go on the bottom of posts! And in case you are wondering, Professor McGonagal loves the new background.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Attempt 2

Dr. J and I are going through our second round of in vitro this week. There is a good possibility this will be our last, one way or the other, this roller coaster is a little much to take. Please pray for us for the next few weeks.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The jealousy may commence

Dr. J just asked me if he could take me on a date while we are in Dallas for Christmas.

I'm so spoiled.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ahhh Christmas

So I was talking to mom today and she's definitely working the weak, invalid, post-surgery angle. She plumb wore herself out today with online shopping. Apparently her shoulder was exhausted from all the computer usage. How cute is that :) Thankfully an order she placed a couple of days ago came in, to give her a little material comfort in her time of need.

Me: [Being dutifully supportive] So what do your new sweaters look like?

Mom: I wanted to get a new Christmas sweater that didn't scream Christmas

Me: [sighing of relief and remembering the sweatshirt with the reindeer whose antlers were tangled with Christmas lights that I wore through middle school] Nice.

Mom: It's green and it has these trees on it

Me: MOM! Trees?? What on earth? How does that not scream Christmas?

Mom: They aren't bad, I promise! And there's a bear .... [interrupted]

Me: MOM!!! A BEAR?!?! For the love of God, you bought a sweater with trees and a bear and that doesn't scream Christmas?

Mom: It's not like a "teacher bear" (somehow implying that there is such a thing as a non-teacher bear outside of collegiate gear)

Me: Yes because there are good bear appliques and bad bear appliques

Mom: It's really not bad you can barely see him peeking through the trees.

Me: [Dial-tone]

And my mother wonders to this day why I didn't go shopping until I was in my twenties. I mean, what was really the point if even the non-screaming attire were iron-ons. I guess when she said it doesn't scream, she meant in the literal sense.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I really, really like those chewy blonde brownies

They are so rare and I always forget how delicious they are.

But I don't get why they call them brownies. In any case, people should make them more often.

Monday, November 02, 2009

It was only a matter of time

I'm officially a hooker.

But it's under the codename flapper and it's in this PCA Dance performance this week where they rope in some shameless teachers to make fools of themselves with costume and heavy makeup. All in good fun. We have our very own number and in spite of the limited motion "dancing", I do have a bizarre ankle injury (in recovery).

The performance this weekend is actually going to be very cool (I'm only in one number, but I do have a solo for 2 8-counts that has yet to be worked out). The choreographer / writer created a performance that blends The Nutcracker with The Untouchables and it is so clever!!!! It's called the Uncrackables. :)

If you are bored out of your mind and are up for a different variety of entertainment (and really want to see my upper thigh in fishnetting) there are performances at 7 pm on Thursday and Saturday. I'd recommend Saturday. It is $6 / adult (you can buy online if you are super fancy and/or never carry cash).