Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Long Time, No Post

Things are starting to wind down in the land of the overwhelmed. Although, I think I have a few more days of craziness before I go into full scale t.v. watching for some weeks. I should be working on my Spanish right now, because if you remember, este blog-o was created to have a place to post the Spanish learning process during my upcoming two months in ColOmbia. I can give you a quickie update for the now - it's going nowhere. The milestones I have left to complete between now and then are waning - merely dealing with some final "job hunting" issues, finishing up a project at work, attend a friend's wedding, polish up a couple bags of Doritos, and I think there is still a box of brownies left to be made. Knowing me, I'll probably start with the last one first.

I have a friend coming in tonight on business that I haven't seen in a very VERY long time. In fact, we used to date for some time, so this should be fun and awkward. I haven't seen him in about 5 years (I can't believe I'm even old enough to have not seen someone for FIVE YEARS that I dated until my senior year of college! Can this be right?!?!?!) Anyway, an evening of awkward silences probably lay ahead. This of course got Mullsey and I talking yesterday about what men we would much prefer come in town to visit us, and while we had a few that varied (I DO NOT SEE what you people see in Orlando Bloom and I refuse to put him on my list), we were able to essentially narrow our list down to a few:
  1. John Cusack
  2. Zach Braff
  3. Ewan McGregor (me only, and not the Star Wars one)
  4. Luke Wilson
  5. Jude Law (me only)
  6. Matt Damon
  7. Edward Norton
  8. Brad Pitt (really, it's cliche, but no list is complete without him)
  9. Spiderman (late entry, see below)

We also made a similar list of men that are attractive, but have no real appeal since they seem to lack the quirky personality that makes men interesting:

  1. Tom Cruise (notable exception: Top Gun, Risky Business)
  2. Matthew McConaghey
  3. Brad Pitt (yes, I KNOW he's on the list above. But ladies, let's give it to him, he's just THAT good looking)

There are many, many more men that belong on this list but my memory is failing me. Thus, there are blanks for your write in votes. I would love to put Tobey Maguire on the first list but I just read too much about him that makes him seem shallow enough that I half expect him to appear on the next season of The Bachelor. Spiderman, however, is a completely different story.

And just so I don't get into mucho trouble later, of course, the only man I really want is Dr. J. :-)

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Hachie Gal said...

My list would be (and remember I am a bit older than you but I have always preferred the older guys anyway :)....an in no apparent order:

* Pierce Brosnan
* John Cusack
* Brad Pitt (but before the short hair)
* Russell Crow (I know, bad-boy antics and all but how more viral can you get)
* Hugh Grant (OK, the guy is cute and makes me laugh)

My unstable list of actors includes
* Tom Cruise
* Keanu Reeves (monotone man)
* Kevin Costner (ever heard him interviewed - moss between the ears)
* Nicholas Cage (need I say more?0