Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I truly am only encouraged. Considering twins and all, I've had a great pregnancy. Boys have been fine and all my ailments are certainly things that will pass and I will recover from. So we are now literally two ish weeks from meeting these little guys. Today we got the first pic of Lucas that we have ever seen, he is just so camera shy!

Two weeks of bed rest is nothing. I know, you all think I will go crazy. I can do anything for two weeks and I'll be giddy if the rest keeps the boys happy and growing. Fortunately, today was the release date for the new Harry potter Lego game. I never thought I'd be someone that anticipated a video game release but this combines two of my favorite things. And now I have an excuse to play it incessantly when I ought to be doing things to get ready for the boys.

Pray for all of us. I'm not nervous, we have such great doctors and we have already made it so far. Just gotta sit this out!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Will the fun ever end?

Last night I was telling of all the ... ummm ... experiences .... we have had with the former owners of our house in one sitting. When I actually said them all together like that, it truly sounded insane. Ready for the latest?

- they have actually been taking our mail from our mailbox (and our friends thought we were crazy for refusing to move in anything until we changed the locks)

- yesterday he showed up to collect 2 pieces of mail that we received by accident ... and he asked that "if I don't mind" could he take our satellite dish?

Something tells me that he has the Sabbath Oven programmed to attack our first-born, poor Lucas. I have no idea what to think of this guy, except that I'm pretty ready to charge him a $5 fee for each piece of mail I store for him. That sounds fair considering everything, right?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ahhhhh ... sweet relief

FINALLY we have AC on both floors of the house. The master is downstairs - obviously, this is the floor that had no AC. It's not worth the story of getting the AC fixed, it's not that interesting.

Today it is 72 degrees in my room. And in my bathroom. The greatest part is that when you stand with your barefeet on the air vent, it feels like ice. And when you sit on the toilet, it feels like you are sitting on a refrigerator shelf. Back when I was human, I am relatively certain that this would not have been a good thing. Now that I am carrying around a small alien planet in my tummy, I think I am actually trying to think of reasons to drop trou and visit the john.

The trifecta is in the master bath. When you sit on the icy toilet, you can rest your feet on the frozen air vent ... and recline on the chilly ceramic lid. How 'bout it?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The two week challenge

Activia commercials are funny to me. But I really love the guy with the blue phone selling some kind of insurance with vanishing deductibles. Him and his crazy ways. selling whatever he sells.

and this is how i am spending my afternoons. it looks hot outside, i really wouldn't know.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Ultimate Upgrade

"It must be an upgrade" is the theme of our new home. Mostly because the previous owners really tried to milk us based on the upgrades they had done. They did put in wood floors downstairs and granite countertops in the kitchen, but the spotty stain job and the bulk of caulk pouring out of every crevice of the kitchen left much to be desired.

Other noteworthy upgrades:

- 10 - 20 blue push pins in the dry wall in every room
- sponge paint ... pink, to boot
- the hardware had all been switched to what I like to call gold lame'. There are those who love it (Charlie's Angels, Liberace), I don't hold it against them, it's just not us.
- imaginary lines drawn where they wanted to change paint colors mid-wall
- the "drawers" in the refrigerator were converted to immovable cubbies with no front door
- the blinds alternate cream/white/cream on several windows
- a large steel hook sturdy enough to hoist a small family was screwed into the frame between the kitchen and living room.

There are more, but why bore you with them all at once? The upgrade that was the single greatest source of pride from this family was the oven that they had installed. This oven (less than two years old, knobs already broken off) has the ability to create a downdraft so that the cooking odors are taken down and out of the home. This is important if you cook a lot of Indian food, less important to someone that roasts a lot of veggies in the oven.

This oven has been a great source of stress, the control panel on it is complicated and difficult to work with. Ashley came over the other day and was finally able to turn off a timer that I had not been able to clear for TWO DAYS. This morning, my mother and I successfully tackled the clock and got it out of military time. However, as we flipped through the setup options of the oven, we came across this screen:

No words.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

It takes a village ...

So far, we are in ... Mostly through dr j's efforts. And oh so many countless others! Sadly, we are still mostly in boxes and Mona is in heaven with all there is to explore. Check out this list of saints -

- Some of my darling former students painted one of the babies' rooms.
- Ashley took charge of where to place things during the move since I had to work.
- Wendy has opened countless boxes and helped me go to the store and buy supplies. She also entertained me and played wii when my mind was bored but my body was useless.
- Adam had moved furniture and moved furniture and moved furniture.
- Mack, barret, doug, geoff, John helped move ALL the stuff from point a to point b and were patient enough to help rearrange it.
- Wendy and Pamela helped clean my bathrooms prior to move in date.
- More former students are coming over this week to help paint and organize.
- Cj is bringing us food tomorrow night for dinner!

God bless all our friends!!