Wednesday, June 24, 2009

oh! my secret yearning to be a writer for the Daily Show has never been stronger than at this moment. Thank you Governor Sanford!!

I couldn't bring myself to vote on The States' poll that Gov Sanford should resign from office because then people would think I want him out based on his not-so-fatherly-weekend-getaway ... and that's not the reason I'd like to see him go bye-bye.

If anyone missed the Daily Show's take on Sanford's latest debacle, The State has them all here. The last two are the best and I can't WAIT to see tonight's show.

"... someone has to be in charge when Iran decides to make good on its age old threat to attack Charleston with weather ...."


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Crazy that June is Over in a Week

How on earth is that even possible?? This has already been a crazy summer which is a nice change because up until now, I've been taking classes each summer. Now I'm completely certifiable ... err ... certified.

In a couple weeks I'll be on my way to San Fran for an all expenses paid trip to a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Workshop at Berkeley and I am totally stoked about it and I know how nerdy that makes me sound but I do not care in the least!!

When I get back from that workshop (and Dr. J returns from his 2 upcoming trips), his 17 year old sister who has recently graduated from her high school in Colombia is coming to visit. FOR SIX MONTHS. She'll be here through the fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and will leave a few weeks into January. So we're going to have a teenager in the house, who speaks occasional English. Either my Spanish will improve immensely or her English will. I hope both, but truly, I simply anticipate much fodder for the blog.

Friday, June 19, 2009

We get it, you want us to leave, we would if we could, I assure you

Today should have been a great day. Dr. J's career proposal was funded yesterday. This is a big deal and it should mean a lot for him getting tenure. Anyone who knows him knows that he is the hardest worker and he has worked so much for tenure. He's a great researcher and he deserves it. Today is his birthday too.

But this morning when we got up our car was gone. Our new one that we just got. After doing every thing right. Our financial planner tells us to save up and try to pay for you car, so you don't have a car payment, so we did that. And we found the car we loved and found one used and drove to Birmingham to get it.

We saved up to have a good down payment on a house. And we got a small house in town that we could afford and got a security system installed since houses in town have more break ins. And it's been broken into twice. So we installed security doors.

And neither of us rushed into marriage. We got our degrees, found each other after grad school. I wanted to have a job that would accommodate a family, so I start teaching and we start trying to have a family but it's been more than two years.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Storm Chasing in Texas

We drove in last night dodging tornadoes ... in and out of green skies and massive winds - anyone from north Texas knows what a green sky means.

We bolted in my parents garage like we'd been shot out of a cannon, and made it in not a moment too late. Everyone was shaky, but safe. No one thought for a moment to call and make sure my grandparents were safe because of course, they weren't sitting in their car at the local grocery store. No wait a minute ...

Turn outs, my grandparents skipped church last night. If you know them, then you know they are The First in the door when it's unlocked. Last night though, under the pretense of "we have lots of guests coming in town for my granddad's 90th birthday party" they opted to go get my Grandad a pedicure and swing by HEB (grocery store) instead of going to church.

Post pedicure-grocery-shopping-trip, they were paying at HEB when the clerk remarks about the tornado spotted in Waxahachie. Trying to speed things along, grandmother tells granddad that he'll have to count the change in the car because they need to get home now! So off they "scurry".

My granddad can't really see, so when they are safe inside the car, she starts handing him coins and telling him the amount so he can make sure the change is correct and she drops a dime ...

IN the gear shift jamming it so they can't put it in drive!

Before you panic too much about this sad lot of senior citizens who have barricaded themselves in the car, remember that they were skipping church so granddad could get a pedicure. :) Of course they got home, we heard the story the next morning. Grandmother muscled up a hearty tug and got them home safely. Why they were worried about counting coins amidst an oncoming tornado ....

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Dr J totally kicks your husbands BEhind

I had a pampered chef party at my house tonight which was lots of fun and I made some yummy appetizers and margaritas to go along with everything. I'm also getting ready to leave town at about 3:45 tomorrow morning for a 17 hour drive to Dallas.

Why did I plan this event the night before I'm leaving? If you are even asking that question, you don't know me very well.

In any case, I didn't make good use of my day so I was really hurrying around getting things ready. Dr J got home from work and I immediately got him to start helping me.

Very long story very short - he waited on me and my friends hand and foot all evening and cleaned up after all of us. It wasn't planned that way, we just needed the help and he stepped in. He just doesn't get bragged on enough.

As a side note, there is a group of spanish speaking (likely) illegals that live down the street that all think Dr. J is employed by the white lady (gringa) to do her lawn.

Monday, June 08, 2009

One Reason Why My Friends Love Me (aka Things My Friends Overlook About Me)

On Thursday of last week I went to Ashley's house to hang out with her and baby Caroline, and watch a movie ... and pop some popcorn. I still had some last minute things to do to get ready for graduation so I was munching on popcorn with my laptop in my lap and watching the movie.

Then I noticed a sweet taste in my mouth. My mind replayed that I had subconsciously picked up a crumb off my keyboard and ate it. I guess my mind also thought it was popcorn, except that I was done with that and had been for about 10 minutes. And apparently my mind thought that if it were popcorn that it would be ok to eat since it had sat on my "sterile" laptop to pass the time.

I am a notorious anti-germaphobe. But I usually don't put random crumbs into my mouth, particularly at homes with new babies. People, that's what I like to call a close shave.