Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I have 3 days left working for The Man

I can say one good thing that comes from working for The Man .... The Paycheck. Not that it is a good one, by any accounts, just that there is one. With my leaving on Friday, I will have tres meses to survive on uno paycheck, so I'm guessing this means no more Friday Lattes. There was a grander plan to survive off of two paychecks since I didn't pay rent this month, but that was quickly absorbed into having to pay for temporary health insurance, car repairs, and oh yeah, the bill for that little jaunt over to the emergency room came through. I guess my rent doesn't quite total a paycheck, this may have been part of the flaw.

This last week has been a blur of listmaking - dear God, the things that I have to complete by May 10. I'm hoping to move into the side of checking things off the list rather than accumulating them ... and soon.

I will take this chance to say one other good thing about working for The Man - I have great coworkers that have really made me feel like I will be missed. Carry on the banner, fellas, carry on.

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