Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It feels like three weeks have passed and it's been three days.

I feel like I'm working two jobs. The teaching thing - that's still on. Plus the homecoming prep work. All the planning and painting and errands and dances and skits and sequins. oh, the sequins.

I got home about 10 last night, 8 tonight ... and tomorrow's going to be ugly, I'm prepared for midnightish. One day left and so much to do. Not to mention my class has been observed about 5 times in two days, plus I have an unbelievable number of meetings this week. I barely even remember teaching amidst the chaos!

Oh to go to Happy Hour on Friday. Watch me be first in line and somebody outta buy me my own bowl of queso.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Latest Fashions

Yesterday, i was too lazy to get up and fix my hair, since the night before I had been too lazy to wash it. As most of you guys know, my hair is actually curly, and although I love it when it looks good on a good day, it just isn't reliable. And being the Type A control freak that i am, I just prefer to straighten it so I don't have to worry about it's own ability to perform.

That and I don't like to walk around with wet hair. Makes me look like a hungover undergrad.

So yesterday i wore my hair curly which caused much uproar and ruckus in my classroom. After the water heater blew in the gym, followed by the fire alarm going off and immediate evacuation of my school, I was standing in the sun, sweating and unable to put my hair up. Of course, the AC had gone out when the fire alarm went off, so once inside, i was teaching and sweating with no AC, with sweat-sodden curly hair that had looked so nice an hour earlier.

Finally I find a rubberband and put it up, against all the objections of my students that were either 1. enjoying the curls or 2. pandering for a better grade (just do your homework guys!). I still had a floppy mess of bangs and no safety pins, but being the resourceful engineer that i am, I found a solution and spent the rest of the day with two pink paperclips atop my head.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Allow me to define irony for you

I've spent my life mocking cheerleaders and pep rallys and all the hoopla that goes along with the glittery madness. Now I'm in charge of the senior skit for the homecoming pep rally and that's what I'll be spending all my free time in the next two weeks doing.

Monday, September 07, 2009

I love priceline

This month is full of interesting and fun, which is a nice change. Dr. J and I have been saying we needed to take Victoria somewhere a few times while she is here. She is going to Dallas with us for Christmas and will experience her first (and maybe only) 17 hour road trip.

This weekend (in 4 days) we are going to Asheville for the weekend. We got a good deal on priceline to stay at Doubletree in downtown next to Biltmore Estates, where .... as you may know ... they give you hot chocolate chip cookies when you check in. And if you are bold, like I am when it comes to warm cookies, they will give you more later. mmm ....

I am so looking forward to going. I intend to saunter a lot. And read in cafes, undisturbed while Dr. J and Victoria go check out Biltmore (I've been twice and it's $$$$$$ or I'd happily go again). Speaking of, does anyone know a way to get discount tickets?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Where I get it: Part 322

I picked my parents up at the airport yesterday (yay!) and when I went to give my dad a hug, his nose was covered completely on the left side with black soot. So much so that I was afraid to hug him because it would spread over me like a disease.

While he was in the bathroom powdering his nose (sorry, I couldn't resist) my mom shows me that she has spent the entire day at work and on the airplane, not with two different socks, but with two different shoes.

This photo is now set on my caller ID on Ivanka.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Update on In Vitro

It was not successful.