Tuesday, February 01, 2005

You get what you pay for

So last night, I partook in one of my two Free Personal Training Sessions at my gym (herein referred to as Fold's Fym). It was, by all accounts, an enormous disappointment. The trainer was 15 minutes late (and apparently included that fifteen minutes in the one-hour session), didn't speak to me once beyond giving me his horribly lacking description of whatever motion I was supposed to be doing with which miniscule flourescent colored free-weight, and at 25 minutes into it (40 minutes if you count the 15 minutes it took him to find his way there), he turned and said something to the effect of "that's it!" and trotted off to go hang with a fellow loitering Trainer. Mucho disappointing-o.

So today, I am moderately sore - not so much more than I would have been from a hard day of dusting and scrubbing the bathrooms. Do I call and complain to Fold's and request that for my Second Free Personal Training Session to have someone more challenging? Or is just to have someone there adequate? Would I be setting myself up for a bootcamp-esque experience that would rob me of the ability to even use the T.V. remote control for three days? Or do I simply accept that I am actually in such spectacularly great shape that this trainer-to-the-stars was dumbfounded and unable to conjure up a task challenging enough for my very able self?

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Karo said...

I would definitely call and complain in a circular, can you provide someone different next time cause the first guy was a joke sort of way. They need to can that guy's ass.

And you are, of course, able bodied.