Monday, February 28, 2005

Picture Worth a Million Words

Has everyone seen Million Dollar Baby? I was a little belated with my viewing due to the coughing (still here - super!), but saw it Saturday night.

Oh. My. God.

Don't expect a feel good flick, but definitely go and see it. In the theaters. My friend (who talked incessantly throughout the movie, sometimes just chit-chat) and the elderly woman on my right, swaddled in thirteen blankets can attest to the fact that I sobbed uncontrollably for the last 45 minutes of the movie. I'm pretty sure the sobbing actually shook all of the seats in row 2 (that's how badly I wanted to see this - I DO NOT SIT IN ROW 2 IN NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES). And then I dreamed about it. Couldn't get this one out of my head.

Hopefully no one has spoiled this movie for you. Kudos to the producer for only releasing clips from the first half hour for advertising. We need more people like you in the world.

I foresee myself becoming a Hillary Swank stalker but I'll keep you all informed if it gets that serious.

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