Monday, February 07, 2005

The Fame that Almost Was ...

So Saturday, we got up extra* early to sludge through our morning run (first day for good weather!!) so that we could both get showered and cleaned in time to be at the St. Louis Science Center by 9:30 a.m. I know that by saying this next part I will be complete geek in the truest sense of the word rivaling only that of 8th grade math camp attendees (sorry, Al!), but the Science Center here is the COOLEST PLACE EVER! However, why get up before the rooster crow and then rush in a state of complete panic for forty five minutes to go the Science Center when it is open all day (and late on Fridays :-) )? It was, of course, the culminating event for Earthquake Awareness Week 2005!!

Oh yes! They happen
here! And I wasn't the only one interested in making the public aware... because, you see, after one of my clever explanations on the wonders that are instructional shake tables, I was face to face with what appeared to be a fancy pants tape recorder and a real microphone!! She didn't really ask me if I wanted to be interviewed so much as just asked me little questions about my toy (and who am I to deny her?), she said some call letters for a radio station, and although it did sound familiar, I more than a little nervous since I never could quite shake the thought that if I say something wrong my desk will be packed up for my come Monday morning. Before I knew what was happening, I was in the middle of a full blown interview and I muddled through my schpeel trying not to sound like I was fresh out of school, doing a moderate job keeping my ums and uhs to a minimum, and reminding myself to slow down and breathe. I truly have no idea why I was so flustered ... there was just something familiar ... about ... those ... call letters ... ... ...

Holy crap I just got interviewed by NPR!!

In case, I haven't mentioned it before, I am 26, a Cancer, and an NPR addict. Once I realized that the interviewer was from NPR I shamefully exclaimed - OHMYGODILISTENTONPRLIKEEVERYDAY! IAMSOSOSERIOUSOHMYGOD!! That MIGHT have been what prevented my interview from actually appearing on NPR this morning.

I so thought I would be able to maintain my cool in front of celebrities** but apparently, no.

* Ahem. And I mean it. 5:45 in the ante meridian.
** Yes, I know I'm the only one that considers NPR reporters celebrities. Please don't ever let me be face to face with John Cusack. I am so very afraid of how I will humiliate my family.

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Anonymous said...

It was not so much a "math camp," per se, but rather an academic camp in which I took a math class. Surely you see the difference.