Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Not a Dull Moment

I'm still trying to decide how successful I think the trip was.

I only got about 5 hours sleep the whole weekend and sadly, this is not because Dr. J was overjoyed to see me, but because I have developed a severe case of the whooping cough which won't leave me alone for 30 seconds so that I may fall asleep, no matter how much drowsey medication I take. I am open to ideas for home remedies if you have suggestions.

Atlanta, at least the part we went to, was very odd. We were in this very fancy pants part of town, sort of, but then it was so incredibly overcrowded, it literally took us an hour to get from an intersection right next to this ritzy mall, to an actual parking spot. And I'm pretty sure Dr. J got the bird on his driving more than just a couple of times - no, it wasn't me. The 43 minutes spent moving 2.2 mph in the parking lot to an available spot was enought to make you want to drive hot pokers through your eyes. So, it was as though it should have been nice, but it was just suffocating ... of course, all this plus the coughing.

Then there was the issue of leaving The Dais in an empty apartment alone for 28 hours with an overflowing bowl of catfood. Somehow, in that barenaked apartment, she did something that caused her front left paw/leg, to swell up to the size of the other three put together (yes of course I took a picture, I'll upload it one of these days). So after being in ColUmbia for all of 3 days, she already has her own veterinarian (who was definitely not entertained by the fact that I couldn't speak loudly enough for her to hear me across the counter, requiring me to come around into the Employee Only Zone [cough cough].

The whooping cough has also caused my running to come to a temporary halt - I hope it's temporary anyway. All of the lucky people that actually made it to the theater this weekend were spared of my incessant coughing since we never found the time. Once, we thought we had, so I left Dr. J in a 4 mile long line to get tickets while I rushed to get us some Chik-Fil-A (we opted for the movie and quick eats over a nice relaxing dinner and no movie), but just as I emerged from the line with Chik in hand, Dr. J calls to say it's sold out. Cough.

Fortunately, sucking on ice chips for 2.5 hours on the plane sedated my coughing enough to get through it without too much misery, oh, yeah, and ... i lost my keys on the way back and almost had to stay at a friend's house. Luckily I realized this before I left ColUmbia and J still had an old copy of the apartment key, providing me access to my spare key tucked away neatly inside my apartment. Rock on.

And yes, right now, i'm eating reduced fat peanut butter right out of the jar. mmmmmm ....

So, what do we think, fellow Chik-Fil-A lovers, successful or no?

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