Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Cheetoe Fast

I am a soldier in the Army of the Lord and this year I expect to earn a star. I have done the unthinkable and gave up chips and chocolate in ALL FORMS (cheetoes and oreos included) for Lent.

You are all invited to a Cheezball Party at the folks house come Easter. I'll probably be unconscious on mountains of empty canisters soaked in cheeze-ness up to my elbows by 9:00 am so make sure you get there early.


Anonymous said...

I am beginning the stockpile. I hope HEB will keep their inventory current. mom

Kim said...

I feel your pain! I gave up soda for lent...this includes all diet and non-diet sodas. We aren't even catholic- why do we do this to ourselves?????

Anonymous said...

I’ve often wondered why it is that Lent is the only time of year when I can successfully abstain from eating unhealthily. It would only seem logical that other events such as outgrowing one’s clothes or needing a nap after climbing 1 flight of stairs would spur some sort of enthusiasm toward “getting healthy”. After several attempts since Halloween, at avoiding the Wednesday morning pastries or eliminating potato chips from my “after school” snack options – I again find myself chip and sweets free in Lent. Why is this? Have I convinced myself that abstaining from potato chips and a few cookies during Lent will redeem me of all my sins? Is the devil tempting me by delivering my Girl Scout cookie order RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF LENT??!!