Monday, February 14, 2005


On Thursday, I will FINALLY get to go to ColUmbia to visit Dr. J whom I haven't seen since Turkey Day. and oh has it been a long three months! Sadly, I won't see him again until May, and then not again until the Big Day (tum tum ta tum!!). But it is not this excessive passage of time between visits that makes this would-be-cheerful day sorrowful, it is because my dearest angel, Ms. Daisy, is going to stay with Dr. J when I return to St. Louieee next Tuesday.

I have told Daisy that we are going on a plane Thursday to ColUmbia and that she will be moving there permanently, but I have failed to mention to her that I will be returning. This information would probably do her in entirely and I don't think she could handle the stress of being stuffed into a bag for 6 hours and forced to ride underneath the seat in front of me on a plane combined with the fact that her mom is leaving her shortly thereafter.


The Dais really is the koolest kat around - Seriously, how many of you have kitties that stand at the foot of your bed and wait until the moment you lay your head on your pillow to come and snuggle up to your chest and makes you pull your arm around her so she can lay her head on your arm? Any of you? Huh? I didn't think so. And do any of you have kitties that so love all your friends that she wants to sit on their laps within minutes of meeting them? Anyone? What? What's that? Yeah, whatever, liar. Does anyone have a kitty that actually waits until you get up in the morning, regardless of how long you sleep in, to start asking for breakfast? I think not!

Dear, dear Daisy!! How you will be missed! Our time together has passed much too quickly and it saddens me that we will have to share our life with an outsider. I mean, wait, no, ... hmm ... yeah. I mean, cool Dais! we get to ... uh .. go live with Dr. J now! How fun for us all! (make sure he cuddles with you and I mean, a lot, and don't think I won't know, cause I'll know and he'll pay. Oh yes. He'll pay.)

Daisy you are and forever will be, The Wind Beneath My Wings. So fly. Fly. Flyyyyyyyyy!!!


Anonymous said...

You made me cry.

Happy Valentines Day, dear.

Anonymous said...

Well... let me tell you something. The thousand times that I took care of that monster... she got up at five in the morning and started banging against my door asking for breakfast.
It was actually kind of funny (in a very mean way) to see the cat had "accidentally" eaten all the meat I left on the counter one day.... and then sleep for the rest of the weekend. ahhh... peacefull morning that was.