Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This Boy is my Idol

Despite what my parents think, I never really did anything wrong. One of my worst acts of rebellion was probably when I was 14 or so and I drove without a license. Sadly, it was because my friend and I were studying at her place (about 15 miles outside the Hach) and we found ourselves without a book we desperately needed while her parents were out. So, we did what any geeks would do, and borrowed the car (the 1988-ish Dodge Ram - we could barely see over the giant steering wheel), so we could make the half hour round trip into town and retrieve the essential study materials. It was relatively uneventful, except that my friend canNOT drive (note, I did not say could not drive) and we found ourselves screaming and shrieking every time someone so much as changed lanes around us. We returned, unharmed and our disappearance undiscovered, but had a helluva time trying to parallel park it back into position - I remember something of around 54 iterations of back and forth, in and out, give up, start over, back and forth, etc., all the while dripping with perspiration because her parents would return while we were parking The Ram, or that they would remember the exact location (within inches) that it had been when they left. I am absolutely certain that the parking of the car took three times longer than the retrieval of the study material.

Because of this, I am all the more impressed by this little guy...

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