Thursday, February 17, 2005

oh Boy! oh Boy! oh Boy!

Sorry guys! Mid Tuesday morning I took ill with The Office Flu-like thing. Sleeping the afternoon away on a Tuesday was something I once only dreamed of in college when I was forced to hold my weary eyelids open with safety pins while looking longingly at my pshych-major roommie as she turned off her alarm in time to watch Oprah. Now it's finally my turn - although post-nap, I wasted the day away on the couch watching SATC reruns (I hate that Mr. Big! Why does Carrie never learn? WHY? Whyyyy? no ... I know, I do know the end, but I just finished Season 2 of the reruns) Spending my last day-ish of Me&Daisy watching the tube and cuddling with her on the couch seems like a perfect ending.

Today is the day that Daisy goes in the bag for the big trip to ColUmbia - I will let you all know how we fare. How is it that airlines can permit people to bring cats/dogs into the cabin when about every third person has allergies to one or the other? Dr. J and I have big plans for the weekend - scratch off the last few Oscar movies I haven't seen yet (popcorn, mmmmmm), lots of miscellaneous wedding details to take care of (fun ones though, like registering and getting rings picked out), and our Valentine's Recognition Day, which would be tomorrow. I can't say I've ever been big on V-Day, I'm not so much of a mushy-card kind of gal. However, I am of the opinion that if you do decide to get your special-someone a special-something, it should not be a car charger for your cell phone no matter how badly you need it. Sigh. Sadly, some of us learned that the hard way.

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Anonymous said...

dont tell me you got a phone charger for valentines. I tried, believe me... I tried to educate the guy for three and a half years. it's just not easy. DG.