Friday, February 25, 2005

Oscar Weekend!

I can't let this go without discussig it. One of my favorite nights of the year - the night we can all sit around pretending we are happier with our natural mushy breasts and pudding like bodies, munch (ahem, stuff our faces) with various saturated fat goodies and sigh and complain about the poor fashion choices of hollywood's finest. (Ahem. Just to practice ... "I would SO not have let even Vera herself convince me to wear that atrocity and HELLO? what's wrong with NOT baking yourself orange for a change")

So my key Oscar picks are (I would put them all but you won't stay around to read them):

Best Picture: Million Dollar Baby
Best Director: Clint Eastwood - Million Dollar Baby (Although there is always the possibility of the academy pulling one of their pity votes out to Martin)
Best Actor: Jamie Foxx - Ray (pretty much got that in the bag and deservedly so, but pah-lease give your acceptance speech a little more thought ahead of time than you have before the other awards presentations though)
Best Actress: Hillary Swank - MDB (ummm ... yeah ... and thank your hubby this time)
Best Supporting Actor: Gonna go with Thomas Hayden Church although I think this one's up for grabs
Best Supporting Actress: Cate Blanchett TOTALLY deserves it although I've heard too much hubbub of others to be sure
Best Original Screenplay: The Aviator (though not a sure thing)
Best Adapted Screenplay: MDB (methinks this one will do well this year)

I am SOOOOOO dreading having to listen to Chris Rock's nasal voice babble on and on and black vs white people. Dude. Nobody thinks that's funny anymore. For real. At least not when you say it. I mean really, it's enough to have to listen to Melissa and Joan on the red carpet before hand and come to think of it, Joan's fingers-scraping-a-chalkboard-like voice suggests that she could have conceived Chris Rock herself ... oh, and tell me, why is mid-thirty year old Melissa already frequenting the Botox guru???

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