Friday, February 11, 2005

Thought for the Week

No matter how late it makes me on Fridays, I MUST enjoy a Tall-Nonfat-Decaf-[Insert Flavor]-Latte (no whip, if option available). I always feel just a touch silly ordering a latte and removing all the ingredients that actually make it a coffee/latte other than brownness, water, and flavoring, and there were times that this bothered me enough that I would intentionally neglect to request decaf just to make the ordering process a little less eyebrow raising. But as I waited, I would have a panic-attack with the thought of injecting myself with all that unnecessary caffeine, and I swear my chest would tighten and my left arm would go numb. Inevitably I would sprint back to the counter and beg that it be decaf. I'm over it though. I don't care so much if the Starbucks employee judges me.

To celebrate my new self-confidence-while-ordering-a-coffee-at-Starbucks, this week's thought will honor my Friday guilty pleasure. I have no idea who this Stephanie Piro person is, and it's only partly true for me (by partly, I'm not sure if I mean the successful or the substantial part), but nevertheless ...

Behind every successful a substantial amount of coffee.
- Stephanie Piro

That and,


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