Monday, June 20, 2005

Sunday Morning I locked myself out of the house before anyone woke up and had to ring the doorbell for 20 minutes

I'm not elaborating more on the title. That's what happened.

Dr. J's mom has been on a kick to teach me Colombian cooking. There's hardly time to learn to cook here since The Cook is always cooking breakfast or lunch. Anyway, today we are learning Arroz con Coco (which I ate a week or so ago at a friends house ... it was love at first site for me) and Arroz con Leche which is a dessert. Both are delicious. Dr. J shivers with delight every time I learn a dish from here.

More importantly, Dr. J's father got sick on Saturday and had to go to the doctor. Not to worry, he's fine. Nothing two pills a day and an inhaler every couple hours can't cure. Anyway, I did not accompany them to the doctor, and Isabel was working and Victoria was playing at a friend's house. And I. Was. Alone.

I watched a 5-hour Marathon of "24" All. By. Myself.

It has literally been months since I was alone. I even have to sleep with my door open here because of the heat. And my March Parents know how difficult this is for me, what with fire safety and all.

If you are like me and have never watched that show before - DUUUUUUDE! It rocks!


Erika said...

Oh how you must suffer with the fear of fire. Look at it this way, if it really is as hot as you say, you could spontaneously combust with the door closed.

Anonymous said...

I love 24!! We are hooked every Tues here, but how can you only see 5 hours of it? What about the other 19? Are you going crazy to not know what happens next... I am very concerned about when you will finish the other 19.


Missy said...

Yes, I should clarify. A month ago, I saw another 4 hour marathon and then Saturday I saw ... actually I think 4 more (and then one last night) so I've seen 9 of the final 10. And I will see the last one next week. I am equally as concerned for the other 14. I've cautioned Dr. J that we are going to need to free up some time when I get to ColUmbia