Friday, June 03, 2005

I am totally on rice overload right now

I like a good helping of rice from time to time, but twice a day for three weeks has finally burned me out. Today I was planning on politely decline the rice before it hit the plate, but someone else serves my plate for me here, so before I got to the table I received my healthy lunchtime portion. But I just couldn’t eat it, seriously! I’m burned out! And I felt so guilty about leaving it untouched on my plate that I spent and extra half hour in conversation with Dr. J’s father so I could leave the table last and maybe they wouldn’t notice. I don’t know why I feel so guilty about it. I still feel guilty!! Why else would I be ranting about this on the internet!?

Colombia does one thing fantastic – every time there is a holiday, the move the day off work to the next Friday or Monday. So it is ALWAYS a three-day weekend or in some cases, a four-day weekend. In the three weeks I’ve been here, we’ve had two, three-day weekends. Rock on Colombia.

So in our three day weekend this weekend, we are going to be going to the pool, touristy things, and going to a lake on Monday which I hear is very cold. I haven’t gotten much sun here because I spend all my time in class or running errands … check that, my feet have an AWESOME tan … anyway, so I’m looking forward to a weekend in the sun. I can’t visit the equator for two months and come back my normal pastey self.

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