Monday, June 06, 2005

Here’s the thing…

We don’t really ever do much here but Lord if it doesn’t take all day to do it. And I am dying for a weekend where I don’t spend 6+ hours in the car so we can do ½ and hour to and hour touring something, and eat lunch. I think something similar is in the works for next weekend but I think I’m gonna say that I’m ready to spend a weekend with some friends and maybe hit a bar or a juice stand and swing over and watch Señor y Señora Smith. That would just be awesome right about now.

And does someone know how many people live in the DFW Metroplex? Or Texas? You can’t imagine how often I am asked this question and it is just beyond me to know the answer. I keep thinking I’ll remember to look on the internet, but I never do. The Texas question is new as of today, but it’s catching on like wildfire, believe you me. I also think my English is getting all screwed up, I spent like ½ hour yesterday trying to remember how to politely tell someone you can’t hear what they are saying … eh? Huh? I’m sorry? Beg your pardon? Took me a full 30 minutes to come up with that.

Before I get off the topic of Señor y Señora Smith, do you guys realize that you get RESERVED SEATS AT MOVIE THEATERS HERE?!?! This is such an amazingly wonderful idea and I have no idea why the movies in the US don’t offer it. Can you imagine how many unfilled seats there would be in baseball stadiums if you just sat as you pleased? Oh the inefficiency!! And it never occurs to you to mind if you sit next to a stranger at a basketball game because that’s where his seat is ... However, if the unpleasant duty of sitting immediately adjacent to a stranger in a movie theater is forced upon you, it takes the duration of the trailers and the first few scenes of the movie to relax. Absolutely absurd. And the pressure having to get to the theater 30 minutes or more before the movie starts (depending on how close you are to the release date)?? Gone! You can call in and request/purchase your tickets, request your preferred seating area, and then arrive at the theater shortly before the feature film begins … and voila! You have your reserved seats sandwiched between two sets of unknowns and nobody cares!! (oh yeah, that, and it’s about $4 to see a movie here)


Karo said...

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the 2003 population of Texas is about 22 million. The Greater Dallas Chamber web site says that the population of the Metroplex, meanwhile, is over 5 million.

Hope that helps!

Hachie Gal said...

Yes, the Budman and I are acquainted with reserved seats at movie theaters. That was our experience in Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Does not matter if you call in ahead of time or purchase you ticket at the window, you are going to get an assigned seat. You can ask for a certain row and seat if you haev preferences or even look at a grid of the problemo. Why the US does not enact this is a wonder to me, too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Popcorn? How 'bout the popcorn?