Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This could really be interesting

I get to fly home to Big-D tomorrow (that's Dallas for all you non-Texan-persons) and L.B. is supposed to pick me up at the airport. I just recieved word from him that his Big Truck (of course it's a truck, it's Texas) is on the fritz with a broken water pump. This is following a weekend of extensive vehicular repairs that required him to have his Big Truck hauled back to Hachie on the Monster Trailer my dad built. Not to worry - he has a solution. He'll pick me up at the airport, hand over the keys to me and LET me drive it to Hachie.

Ummm ... Thanks?

How is it my responsibility to make a 1/2 hour solo drive in a crippled truck? There are no possible times when a second party could follow the truck in case whatever action the water pump performs causes the automobile to strand the motorist?

Everyone who thinks this is a bad idea say "Aye".

Let's go ahead and add to this that the Big Truck is actually 4.3 times the size of the car I normally drive around. I say, if I can lay across the front seat and not have my head or pointed toes touch either door panel, it's too big.

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