Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bring on number 3!!

Sorry I haven't been posting. I missed work Tuesday from antibiotic side effects and L.B. is in town for work so we've been chillin' in the evenings. Well, except for Tuesday. AND Mom comes in town tonight because there is a plethora of activity here in wedding land which includes my moving out of my apartment (Dr. J, you will have furniture soon!!) and a wedding shower this weekend. I'll be nomadic for the month of April - actually, for April, May, June, July, and half of August, something I'm sure will make me appreciate my bed when I finally see it again next August.

Tuesday consisted of me lazing about on the couch with much heating pad-ish action going on. Once I felt a little better I decided it was time to go and rent a movie, which I just almost never do, and about 10 minutes later, I found myself exploring the previewed movie selection at Blockbuster. It took me all of 5 seconds to find Spidey DOS on sale, and then Garden State, at which point I surrendered the silly notion that I would rent anything at all. My 5-minute drive home seemed to last an eternity with Spidey and DVD special features just crying out to be watched. And watch I did!! ALL of the movie, commentary, and Special Features .... the knowledge is now within me. And NO I will not reveal to you the subtle differences in the Spidey costume from I to II.

I am also excited about GS, but since I've had a crush on Spidey since before I was aware of the Y Chromosome, restraining myself was not really an option. Knowing that the third movie will not be released for another TWO YEARS is enough to kill a person. Well ... ok ... so maybe now I should restrain myself.

THANK YOU SAM RAIMI!! You are my hero!

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