Monday, March 07, 2005

I got me some Vitamins!

I have been anti-Vitamin for quite some time now. Dad used to force them down my throat every morning at the breakfast table until I was 16 (until my friend Missa sort of just moved in and I happily let her eat my morning meal and vitamin). On days that he stood there and watched, I actually swallowed it. They always did nauseate me. I'm not really so sure if it was the vitamins that did the nauseating, or the fact that we were required to eat from all four of the main food groups every morning before school.

I couldn't wait to go to college and escape this torture. I didn't eat breakfast for like 5 years out of protest once I finally left.

For those of you that are sitting there saying, wow, she is sooo ungrateful .... I'm gonna come into your home every day approximately 30 minutes before you are ready to wake up and make you eat eggs, toast, a pear, and a cup of yogurt every morning before you are even permitted to go to the bathroom. Let's see how hungry you REALLY are at 6:00 in the morning. Every day. Not just the days following the evenings that you FINALLY managed to drag yourself to the gym and you actually have an appetite. And if you still think that sounds nice, how 'bout the mornings that I change it up a little (just so you don't have to eat the same fried/scrambled/poached eggs, toast/bagel/english muffin, canned apple/pear/peaches, yogurt/milk/cheese) and for the carbohydrate, maybe I use the leftover spaghetti from the night before and put a little cheese on it, with a side of bacon and a banana? Mmmm mmm .... gooooood. And yeah. You gotta eat all of it. Before you can get ready. Now take your vitamin. Eat up!

So I was pretty much sick to my stomach by about the middle of first period every day - lots of burping of unwanted pears and bananas, but mostly I remember the vita-burps. Those are the worst.

However, I can't seem to shake this illness, so yesterday I got some vitamins. I got some chewable ones since I tried this once before in college when I got sick and the ginormous multi-vitamin still produced the nausea and the vita-burps, so I'm trying a new avenue. Get well, self!

Dad, you get a big A for effort. And Missa loved it!

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