Friday, March 04, 2005

I'm Just LOVING Fridays

Today I feel MUCHO better - so much so that I stopped and got bagels for the office (attendance is low here, I'm only semi-generous as it only takes about a dozen scrumptious little delicacies to fill the tummys of this workplace). Sadly, the trip did cost me the time that is normally devoted to acquiring the Friday Latte, but a little Good Samaritan every now and then never hurt nobody.



Isn't that AMAZING!? And that's calendar days! And considering that I have 3 vacation days yet to be taken between now and then ... that's not much time! I bes get haulin it on dis here project I dun been assignded. I'm starting to not even mind so much that I'm already being phased out of all the goings on and project assignments here.

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