Monday, March 21, 2005

No time to stop now

Are you ready for this????

L.B. is ENGAGED. Details to follow.

I'm currently overburdened with more carboard boxes than I can feasibly handle, all wanting to be filled with every item in my apartment down to the last scrap of toilet paper or elusive phone cable. Mom and I were up to the wee hours each night packing .... and pack we did.

Funny to me that I actually have phone cable strung along my apartment. I think that at one point, I must have intended to get a phone line but just never got around to it. One less utility to cancel. Excellent.

And I'm desperately trying to get work done despite the fact I have 43 things to take care of before the movers arrive here at 7 in the morning. I am what is medically referred to as a basketcase.

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