Friday, March 04, 2005

Mom, This Should Make you Proud

My coworker, Mullsey, and I were just having a intra-office IM conversation and the last few lines were something to this effect:

Missy: That thing looks like poop.

Mullsey: Whatever, poop is brown, that's grey. What color do you poop?

Missy: Shades of grey, sometimes lemon-lime.

Mullsey: Yes, then, you are right. That thing looks like your poop.

Missy: I remember this one time when I was a kid that I drug my mother to the toilet to show off some bright green poop - wonder what I ate that made me do that?

Mullsery: My friend's cat once ate the green feathers off a toy a he pooped bright green for a while.

Missy: (thinking ... did I eat feathers off a cat toy once? )

Missy: Poop is cool.

Mullsey: Yeah.

This is probably the only thing we've done that has wasted more of our time than when we spent the morning touching each other's noses trying to discover the differences. And I'm here to tell you, there are a few - that Mullsey has a squishy nose.


Walker369 said...

and people think I waste time at work...

smooshynose said...

i have a squishy nose too... people tell me its the squishiest nose theyve ever felt... i'd like to meet your friend and have a