Thursday, March 17, 2005

Maybe I'm alone here but ...

Here's the thing. Dr. J is currently in Spain for work and poor little Daisy is having to amuse herself for a week in an empty apartment. Truly, you have never met a more needy cat. I mean, she can't help but provide complete companionship for her owners, but Dear God! she can't handle the despair that comes with any alone time and spirals into deep depression when left alone for more than 24 hours. All of the sudden, our very potty trained cat will poo on the floor, seemingly to express her displeasure, or pee on the bathmat. She seems to have enough respect for Dr. J and I to only pee on things that can be washed relatively easily.

So there's this girl (that speaks very little English) who is going by in the evenings (I think) to feed The Dais. This would be her first time playing this role. I feel for her, truly I do, because The Dais has been at her worst. The first day, the girl was traumatized because she could smell "urine" when she went to the apartment. Bathmat. Got it. On Day 2, The Dais apparently vomitted, and "excrement" was fouhd right in front of the entryway. Now, pet owners round the world know that blantantly visible "excrement" is a sign of flagrant disapproval. The vomit, however, has more to do with her illness, and poor Dais does pray to the porcelain god more often that I like to admit. It was also reported that "the animal" was not eating much. What can I say? She likes company!

Anywhooo, so I let her know that the soiled bathmat would be fine for another week and gave her this tip and comforted her with not-to-worries. But after her Day 2 trip, she let me know that she grudgingly did clean the "excrement" but was unable to attend further to the vomit.

One week old vomit will be ready to greet your arrival come next Tuesday, Dr. J!! HOORAAHH!

Now, I'm a sympathetic vomiter, truly, the mere sound or odor of vomit makes me dry heave, but no matter how much I hated it, I don't think I could leave a puddle of yesterday's partially digested lunch to swell on someone's carpet for a week. Am I alone?

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