Thursday, March 24, 2005

I get to go home tonight!!

By home, I mean my parents house... back to the land of 10-digit dialing, mexican food yumminess and movie theaters that don't reek of B.O. Ahhh ...

I get to go home!!
I get to go home!!
I get to go home!!

This countdown is vanishing before I know what's happening. Rather exciting.

And I'm going to have to get all gooey and bridey but I AM SO EXCITED THAT I AM GETTING MY WEDDING DRESS FITTED!!! (yeah, no ... I'm not really so much a gooey kind of gal. except when it comes to crying. everything makes me cry. except for real-life things that are actually sad. same thing can happen in a movie and I'll drench my couch pillows with natural saline)

Oh sweet fresh flour tortillas! Oh my blessed chimichanga!! We will be together soon!

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