Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Sacrifices I Make

Soon I am going to live in a town that will require me to drive for 60 miles or more to see an Indie Film or a Broadway Show less than five years old. This is a Shakesperian Tragedy in the truest sense of the word. I am deeply saddened by this loss of access to The Arts and will probably end up having to console myself in a trough of cheese grits. All is not lost I suppose ... I mean, there is nobody that loves Spiderman or Harry Potter more than me, and those only require a 2-mile trip in the Corolla followed by an elbow battle through a herd of confederate flag waving mini-bottle drinkers.

So I say goodbye to the very last year that I have any hope of annihilating my parents in the Annual Oscar Ballot Predicitons. Perhaps, through it all, Dr. J will take pity on my deprived soul and maybe, just maybe, he will try to buy my love and surprise me with my very own TIVO.

Oh how I long for thee!!


Anonymous said...

Those confederate flag waving mini-bottle drinkers may be able to introduce you to a new art, like cock fighting or gambling. I'm just teasing, you'll be fine and I'm sure the town and the drive will grow on you.

Karo said...

DirecTV with TiVo is truly the way to go.

60 miles! The things we do for love ...