Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I Am Who I Am

Since the nickname Missy can in no way be created from my actual name, I've had a few questions about - why Missy? Those of you that know me well might know I've had this particular e-name since the beginning of my e-era. But unless you are also from The Hach, it is doubtful that you know it's e-origins either. I am, in fact, e-named after the cat that used to sleep by my side, tolerating the baby blue stenciled bows that encircled the dainty wallpaper in my room of the parents house (guess who didn't get any input as to its decor). We were best of buds, but once I moved away, my father banished her to the outdoors where she has almost doubled in size and, no doubt, survives by scavenging the nearby H-E-B garbage dumpster at night. She's the toughest kitty on the block without question.

It is interesting to note that I am not so much named after my kitty but after my kitty's nickname, since she is, of course, named for a character in an Andrew Lloyd Weber Musical: the Magical Mr. Mistofelees. (technically a Mrs. Mistofelees)

Some may think that it is belittling to name yourself for a household pet but I say to you this: Missy rocks and you can suck it. That and, my real name came from a book my mother was reading about a prostitute in London.

Suddenly being named for a cat seems not so bad.


Anonymous said...

prostitute huh... that's the first time a name bestowing story actually tops my macabre mom was sifting through the obituaries to come up with my moniker. As it so happened a french author famous for erotica showed up in one day's obits, aka `the name bank´.


Hachie Gal said...

Reading your old blogs...please tell me I am your cat's godmother...after all she came from the Marvin house....