Friday, January 14, 2005

Preliminary Gathering

This is not technically the launching of The Blog. It's going to be more like an Early Meeting of the Higher Ups, the official Ribbon Cutting will probably be closer to late April/ early May, at which time I will be quitting my job (the one I am doing at this very moment - uh no, wait, I just created a new blogging account and am typing into cyberspace) and going to ColOmbia for two months. For those of you that can't spell, ColOmbia is in South America. ColUmbia is 1) a university in New York, 2) a city in many, many, many, many states 3) the District of C. in which our nation's capital can be found, 4) probably others but my point has been made. It is important that I distinguish ColOmbia from ColUmbia because following my return from ColOmbia, I will be getting married (ta-tum tum tum!!) and moving to ColUmbia, South Carolina.

This meeting is dismissed.


Karo said...

Yeah! I hope more meeting are called to order before April!

Walker369 said...

ColOmbia, ColUmbia...PotAto, Potato...TomAto, Tomato
Can't we all just get along? Good job with your first blog, but I doubt you'll last until May without calling another meeting.