Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Don't You Dare Laugh

So since I haven't actually told anyone about this blog yet, I'll divulge my little secret here. I am currently training to run a half-marathon in April with one of my coworkers, Mully. Oh yes, me, a radio, and a fancy schmancy new pair of shoes are going to try and go the distance. Well ... half the distance anyway.

I am so very very not athletic that I'm not even ashamed of the fact that I can't throw a rubber bouncee ball the length of three cubicles. It seems unnecessary to mention that I was picked last in all games of any form as a wee one, and only then because someone was forced to choose me. I'm pretty sure that if they had absolutely refused and preferred to go at it a man short, I would have been perfectly alright cheering on the sidelines. Speaking of another miserable era, that of my short-lived career as a cheerleader - this pretty much sucked as well. It was while I was a cheerleader, in fact, that I realized just how bad of a runner I was, coughing and wheezing to the point of losing consciousness through the one-mile jog that we kicked our practice off with each day. It didn't help matters that my little bro was a super athlete, and had a room full of glorious trophys from every sport that he ever attempted. I had a pink honorable mention ribbon silly tacked on my wall from an art contest in 1st grade, so HA! Little bro could (and can) actually run around a track faster backwards, hopping on one foot, than I can at full speed and the wind at my back full circle.

Speed is not so much the issue here as the getting-it-done. So off we go in our training, me and Mully. Should be interesting - especially considering the fact that I'm doing this in weather that's 50 degrees below anything I've ever lived through before. I've been running for a few years and actually really love it, but my knee doesn't love me for it. We've talked and I've promised that I will just do it this once if he will just hold up.

Wish me luck!!

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Karo said...

Holy crap, that's awesome! Good luck!