Wednesday, January 19, 2005

All I Need Now is a Veil

The Dress has arrived.

I'd give you a link but Dr. J is dying to cheat and see it early and WE AIN'T HAVIN NUN O DAT. Besides, I look WAY better than the girl in the internet photo anyway - she looks a little drugged and a little more than uncomfortable in her stance - it just doesn't do The Dress justice. It went to my parents house in Waxahachie, a Mayberry-esque town small enough that when the UPS delivery guy realized that my dad wouldn't be home to sign for It, he simply took it up to him at his office. I am afraid of two things:

1) my dad losing out to the temptation to try it on

2) my mother, in her efforts to "keep it safe" will, in fact, lose a dress that weighs as much as a small television (yes, I get that ability from her)

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