Friday, January 28, 2005

Not that it wasn't already The Greatest Day of the Week but now ...

I don't have to run or do any form of exercise on Fridays - it's our REST DAY. And I promise you that I check REST off the calendar within 45 seconds of waking up and you are a plain fool if you don't believe me. My running partner and I both take great pleasure in the not-packing-of-our-gym-bags on Thursday night. It's the most wonderful sort of empty space that I usually fill with cheetos. (As an aside, it is probably impossible to ask me to eat too many cheetos, cheez balls, oreos, or drink too much milk)

I have yet to really be able to bask much in this pleasure because every Saturday morning that we have our Long Runs, the weather has been bad. And by bad, I mean, less than 10 degrees or a windchill below zero. The wind, we couldn't deal with and so the run got postponed for a day, but the low temperatures, we just bundle ... and bundle. One of us (me), is used to about 10 months of summer followed by a brief cold spell that requires little more than a windbreaker, but I'm told that this will put hair on my chest. One can only hope.

Tonight it is supposed to snow a couple inches, and oh, a couple inches in the morning.


X said...

You made me smile.

That picture of your cat has to be the greatest picture I've seen in my life.

Thank you!

Keep writing, I'll keep reading.


Missy said...

Who are you, I wonder, oh mysterious Mrs. X?