Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Why aren't my pictures coming up?

If anyone knows the answer to the title of this posting, please feel free to help me out. I haven't had time to figure out this little puzzle, nor do I think I have the capability even if I had a weeks time to give my undivided attention to the problem.

Dr. J and I are in the middle of watching the first season of 24. I wish I had listened to our friends Maureen and Diego back in the day when they told us we would love that show because now we are completely addicted and it's costing us money to feed the addiction. It's just as well during the summer because there's nothing much on TV (save Dancing with the Stars) but the new season of Lost is right around the corner and we are going to have to start scheduling our evenings to get all this hard work in.

Also, since J and I are right around the corner with this house thing (we hope) let's start looking towards the Other Perks of getting out of our apartment .... namely, Dr. J will let me get another kitty. (Yes, we had wanted a dog, but it's looking like the house and yard will be a touch too small to support the canine of our choosing) .... Thus, shall we start thinking of names? Any ideas, little friends?

To guide your thoughts, with the exception of Daisy, I have always named the little ones after some favorite characters from books, movies, musicals, etc. Any favorites among you?


Anonymous said...

Benny is a good one.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Benny... Marfeld sounds good for a kitty.

Anonymous said...

Twenty what??? Is that a TV-show???


Missy said...


Marfeld suggested the name "Benny" and "Anonymous" agreed that "Marfeld" is a good kitty name, as suggested by "Benny".

Where do I go with this information?

Is there any meaning behind Benny or am I just going with cutsie names? (I'll need to open up a new category if that's the case)

Anonymous said...

Benny was from Circle of Friends. You'd mentioned that you like to use likeable characters. But Marfeld is a likeable character also!

Susie the Bear said...

I nominate Hermione.