Monday, September 05, 2005

Let me warn you away from Delta

Delta is the most unorganized airline ever. We were given some flyer miles to use on the airline and it is nearly impossible to do, and it takes AT LEAST 2 - 4 hours to figure out what you can't do because their website and phone system BLOWS. Their phone system has left me on hold for 20+ minutes and then hung up on me before I get to speak with anyone THREE TIMES IN SUCCESSION. And I'm having to call them because to find ONE flight that's available for milage purchase takes half an hour. Not to mention how long it takes to compare flights.


We never fly with them and this experience of attempting to fly with them has been so horrendous that I can't wait for it to be over and then to never mention their name again.

Maybe I will turn this blog into a place where you can publicly let others know how various companies - large and small - try to take advantage of the american consumer. I've got a few stories.

I love that I'm spending my entire holiday on this. Thanks.

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Hachie Gal said...

Trust me, American Airlines is just as bad. And they have all these little rules like "we can't mail your awards tickets overseas", so instead we drive 2 hours to the Frankfurt Airport to pick up award tickets at the nearest AA office. Ever heard of e-ticket? Then, there are those partners that you can redeem miles with as well as accumulate miles with, those partners that you can only redeem miles with, and code-share partners that are of no value at all to me if I want to get a free flight. It is hell keeping them straight. Finally, trying to get the same answer from more than one person on the Advantage desk is next to impossible. In my opinion, all airline award personnel are useless. As if there is any other option. What do the airlines care is they hack you off? The unclaimed mileage is such a huge liability on the balance sheet that I think they do it on purpose just to exhaust anyone who tries to get a free ticket. Our motto for American "Nothing special in the air". PS - Thanks for letting me vent.