Tuesday, September 06, 2005

In total, I spent 10 hours on the phone with various airlines yesterday

And now we are on our way to Dallas for my brother's wedding this weekend instead of Houson/Galveston. Very much a last minute change. Their honeymoon cruise has also been cancelled since Carnival has donated the use of some of their cruise ships as shelters. I'm sure my brother and his wife don't mind a bit helping out the hurricane victims, however, you would think that Carnival would NOTIFY them of their cancelled cruise. They just luckily came across the cancellation while websurfing late Sunday night and had to call to verify.

Sigh. If only Dr. J and I could run the world. People would find out their cruise has been cancelled before they drive 6 hours to the dock.

That and air travel would be free. I don't know how I would work that out, but I would.

And cars would endlessly run off of their own emissions and there would be no pollution or $4 gas.

And world peace. And chocolate chip cookies would make you lose weight.


Karo said...

Dr. J and Missy for President!

Hachie Gal said...

add to that the 3-hour work week, Mexican food would actually be a cure for cancer, and people would actually need a license to have children BEFORE they have them....

(says the gal without any little ones, I might add)

PS - is comment verification a new feature on your site? I did not remember it but I just added it to mine as well....