Friday, September 16, 2005

House Hunting Update

I know I haven't been putting any detailish things up about the house hunting. We have found a house we really like that's under construction in an old neighborhood, close to work, church and Target which pretty much covers the basic necessities of life. So I'm supposed to meet with the builder to see if we can change a few things about the house today or Monday. If things go well, we hope to put an offer down soon and then we hope that an angel will be sent down from heaven to fill out the paper work and double our down payment (and possibly throw in some guest bedroom furniture and maybe some artwork for the living room). Once things are more set in stone, there will be photo posting and wild announcements. Celebrations of unimaginable enormity will be in order.

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Hachie Gal said...

ah yes, the infamous "house contract". I cannot be the poster child for that...we have struggled on that one I every house we have ever sold or bought...good luck, sister!