Thursday, September 22, 2005

Refer Me to Dance to the Rhythm

A very occasional pasttime of mine is to look at what pages have referred my blog. It's interesting to see what combos of words lead you my way, and even more interesting to see the combos of words people are looking for in the first place. I should have been posting these before now, they almost always make me laugh, but this week I hit pay dirt by being referred from yahoo search when someone search for "soaked panties" (I was about 50-something on the referral list, but hey, you didn't make that list, did you?). I thinking I have officially recieved recognition for my talents.

Other notable entries for this week on yahoo were:
"oprah granola pie million dollar" the number THREE result! WOW!
"cheetoe" - number FIVE result ... are Daisy (2002-2005) and I the only ones who appreciate the contribution of the cheetoe???
"the mascara story pictures" - number TWO
"football thought of the week" - number TWO AND FOUR


Walker369 said...

Aren't you special? I've never been able to find a reference that leads to my blog.

Susie the Bear said...

My site apparently comes up first on the Yahoo search engine using the words "donald trumps wife boob shot." Go figure.

Hachie Gal said...

so that is how you are now rating something in the neighborhood of 47XX hits to your site? Tell me your secret.