Tuesday, October 25, 2005

When normal people are given free football tickets, that's usually the highlight of the weekend

Thanks for the outpouring of support, really we are all fine except that one of us accidently bare-handled a pot immediately after it came out of the oven last night and has some pretty nasty burns. If you have to wonder who it was, just ask yourself how many times Dr. J has ever used a pot and/or the oven.

The game turned out to be a really good one to go to, quite exciting (scoring wise). It shouldn't have been so close and would be if USC's QB wasn't such a little girl when it comes to running the ball himself. We tried to give that extra pair of tickets away - I emailed everyone in our class at church (~50 people) and got no replies (no I didn't feel AT ALL rejected from that) so we decided to take it to our new neighbor. So I knocked on their door Saturday morning, was greeted with a weepy face, asked if the owner of the home was there and received a reply of, "she passed away two days ago."

Uhh ... how awesome did I feel. All I could say was, "sucks, here's a pair of football tickets to express my condolences" ... not to mention I'm wearing a black t-shirt that actually has COCKS written across my chest.

So anyway, our breakdown for the weekend was: fun game, found good chinese food, completed disc 3 of Everwood Season 1, and we are down a neighbor. Oh that and it turns out the tree in our front yard is a pecan tree. Made me much less homesick.

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Susie the Bear said...

Hooray! I know you were jonesing for some good Chinese :)