Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm definitely behind the Stros

Very sad to see the Cards go down this way, and even more saddened by the fact they started ripping apart Busch Stadium the next morning. Pitiful, mutilated, warm corpse that it is.

However, I can get behind the Stros easily, seeing as how I did root for them while I was at A&M for SIX YEARS that and they played their arse off against St. Louis. This morning I heard on the radio of Houston's troubles, their unprepared-ness in hosting the World Series since it's untimely appearance lines up with the Annual World Quilting Convention that brings a minimum of 50,000 knitters, quilters, and crochet-ers to this apparent metropolitan center of fabric and thread. Not to mention the some 45,000 refugees still in hotels there. I imagine with winter looming, those guys are gonna get a little chilly. I feel like there's a connection here but I just can't put it together.

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